Mante Re-Places “Rocky Mountain Stone” in Central Plaza

In a ceremony led by the Mayor of Mante, Mexico, the “Rocky Mountain Stone” – a rock symbolizes the brotherhood between Boulder and Mante – was re-placed in Mante’s “Main Square.”

Delegation from Mante to Visit Boulder

A delegation from Mante will visit Boulder in early April, 2012, hopefully led Dr. David Rodriguez, a founder of the medical mission. Additionally, up to 10 teachers who have been part of the teacher exchange between our two communities will also visit. Highlights of events for the group follow:

  • Dairy Center for the Arts: It has been 11 years since the Mural painted by Florian Lopez was completed on the north face of the Dairy Center Building at Walnut and 26th Street. Today, many people are unaware that the purpose of the gift by the City of Mante to Boulder was to honor the medical teams that had visited Mante over a 20 year period. A committee made up of members from the Dairy Center and the Sister City committee are developing a plaque or signage which will tell visitors to the Dairy Center about the origins of the Mural. It is planned that a ceremony will occur on April 1 to mark this new addition to the north wall of the Dairy Center.
  • First Presbyterian Church: Dr. David Rodriguez has been invited to give a “temple talk” at the 9:30 a.m. service on at Boulder First Presbyterian church on April 1. He will present a plaque to express thanks for the close relationship between the church and citizens of Mante over the years.
  • Boulder Community Hospital: The delegation will bring a piece of art to donate to Boulder Community Hospital in appreciation for the medical campaign led by BCH over the years. At the time of the dedication on April 2, the Boulder Mante Sister City committee will present a plaque to Erick Diaz of Mante. Erick has been a faithful servant to coordinate all 20 medical campaigns and an indispensable liaison to foster Sister City relationships for the past twelve years.
  • City Council Proclamation: The Mante delegation will visit City Council at the beginning of its meeting on April 3. A Proclamation will be read declaring April 1-7, 2012 Boulder Mante Sister City week.
  • Additional visits: Specific meetings are being arranged for the delegation to meet with Boulder dentists who wish to continue dental missions in the Mante region, with Boulder Rescue Service which has emergency response items to donate to the Red Cross (Cruz Roja) in Mante and with teachers in various bi-lingual programs in Boulder Valley Schools.

2010: A great year to visit Mexico

Every year on September 15th Mexicans gather en masse to celebrate the anniversary of their Independence from Spain. Plazas in cities across the country fill with thousands of jubilant citizens. The celebration culminates as the municipal president (mayor) gives the grito of “Viva Mexico”, which commences Independence Day festivities.

2010 is an exceptionally important year because it will mark the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence and centennial of its Revolution. Mexico is preparing to commemorate the occasion with an extraordinary celebration.

In addition to the Independence Day celebration, the Mexican government is preparing many projects designed to commemorate these two anniversaries. According to Explorado Mexico the projects will include: “exhibits of prehispanic, Spanish, modern and contemporary Mexican art at the most important capitals of the world, historic routes, shows, publications, seminars, the opening of 10 new archeological sites, maintenance [of] the country’s most important prehispanic sites and the remodeling of 30 museums that will serve as venues to the Independence’s Bicentennial and the Revolution’s Centennial in the year 2010.

2010 will be a great year to visit Mexico.

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Source: Wikipedia, Thelmadatter
Mexican Independence Day, 2008

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Mural Lighting Project Dedication

Mark Your Calendars: On Sept. 16 at 7:15 the Boulder-Mante Sister City committee will be hosting an event to celebrate the installation of permanent lighting of the mural on the north face of the Dairy Center for the Arts building.

Mural Lighting Project Study
Mural Lighting Project Study

Some years ago, the city government of Mante, Mexico, one of Boulder’s Sister Cities, offered to send one of its famous artists to Boulder to paint a mural. The mural, by Florian Lopez, was to be an expression of thanks to the people of Boulder for their many contributions to Mante, through an annual medical campaign and formal Sister City relationship. After consideration of alternative sites, the north face of the Dairy Center for the Arts building was chosen as the location for the mural.

From the outset, this mural was viewed as an art treasure.

Shortly after completion of the mural, the Sister City committee began discussions with City of Boulder staff about illuminating the mural. One of the benefits was to provide additional lighting for the parking area on the north side of the Dairy Center for the Arts for visitors coming to evening programs. Issues such as meeting city codes for light disbursement, anchoring fixtures to the building and cost were discussed.

The Boulder Mante Sister City committee raised $15,000 for purposes of providing lighting for the mural. Glenn Magee, of the City of Boulder, has been the lead in coordinating design and installation of the lighting itself.

The dedication date of Sept. 16 was chosen as it coincides with Mexico’s Independence Day. (From Wikipedia: The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on 16 September 1810.)

Angelique Espinosa, city council member and council liaison to the Boulder Mante Sister City committee will emcee the event. Stilt walkers from Frequent Flyers Productions, an aerial dance company that performs at the Dairy Center for the Arts, will participate at the onset of the dedication. An ensemble of dancers from Casey Middle School’s Ballet Folklorico will also perform after the lights have been turned on.

The Boulder Mante Sister City committee is appreciative of the support of David White and Richard Harris of the Dairy Center for the Arts staff for their support in arranging this dedication event.

Norris Hermsmeyer

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Mural Lighting Project Dedication and Mexican Independence Day Celebration

The Boulder-Mante Sister City Project will dedicate the Mural Lighting Project on September 16 at 7:15 p.m. in the north parking lot of the Dairy Center for Performing Arts. The Mural, which was given as a gift to the City of Boulder from the Mayor of Mante in 2001, is representative of the enduring bond between the two cities.

Boulder-Mante Mural
Boulder-Mante Mural

The dedication will coincide with Mexican Independence Day and feature Mexican cultural performances.

More information to follow…

Last Days on the Campaign by Rich Lopez

Friday blends into Saturday.  It went like this.  Clinic-inventory-packing-swimming-eating-dancing-snoozing-busing-flying-arriving in 30 hours.  Sound tiring?  It was.
The morning started the final day of the clinic. Patients had their last chance to see the “gringo doctors.”  While the docs were seeing patients, I worked with a team of nursing students, counting, grouping, boxing and labeling supplies in the storeroom.

As the clinic started to shut down, more supplies arrived at our doorstep.  The trickle became a flow, then the flow became a rush and soon we enlisted other students to pack up the mobile clinic.  Everyone helped, students, interpreters, doctors, nurses and volunteers. Andres’ daughter and several of her middle school girlfriends drop by and soon they were part of our team. Continue reading “Last Days on the Campaign by Rich Lopez”

Parade of Lights

We have agreed to participate in this Saturday’s Parade of Lights in downtown Boulder along with Boulder’s other Sister City committees. Please come out and support us.

Participants gather for the parade at 6 p.m, with the parade starting at 7 for a walk around the Pearl Street Mall. This is the big kick-off for celebrating Boulder’s 150th anniversary. The weather promises to be much warmer than it is today!