THE FULL MANTE Vol 11, No 1 – All the News To Print That Fits – January 31, 2009

Once again The Full Mante is in publication…the eleventh year of facts and figures of interest and amazement.  Our team members number slightly less than last year..just under 100.  But,bour national scope has broadened to include folks from California, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming,  Oh yes, and from Colorado, too.  Word must be spreading that this is a great mission and team to of which to tbe a member.

Transportation:  there was one flight that turned around mid-air and returned to Houston.  It was just a two-hour delay.  Word has it the pilot was not looking for the Hudson River

Here’s the Thought of the Week.  It was posted on the wall of one of the clinic rooms.  It reads:  “IT IS NOT A MIRACLE…I JUST DECIDED TO DO IT.”    And that has been the image of Day-Two-Of-Set-Up.  There are boxes to be located and unpacked, dirty tables and chairs to be cleaned, medicines to be shelved, laboratory equipment organized,  pediatric scales to be calibrated, six towels to be wrapped per bundle for autoclave, physical therapy equipment to be put in place (how many pair of shoes are there?

A trip to Soriana bought a huge amount of rice for audiology.  Curious, you may think.  They pour some into dozens of baggies to give to patients.  With the humidity here, hearing aids and batteries are kept in rice to keep the equipment dry.  And, the other shopping purchase was jars of baby food bananas and pears to evaluate speech mechanics in children

We are recognized and watched over here.  Last night, Becky was walking home alone in the dark.  A vehicle began to follow her.  She speeded up, and so did the driver. Finally he pulled up, stopped and called out “Boulder?”  Yes, she replied.  He was a security officer just providing her with protection.  Memo to folks:  don’t walk alone at night

And, another hint when walking along, day or night.  One of our folks was walking and taking lots of great photos.  Suddenly, her foot stepped on something soft and squishy.  You just have to look down, as well as looking up.  There were several folks watching this event and laughing a lot.

Lunch today was provided generously, again by DIF.  DIF is the Mexican equivalent to our Department of Social Services.  The wife of the Mayor/Presidente is automatically the President of DIF.  They provide many services for children, older adults, persons with special needs.  And while we are here, they often provide lunch for us

In 2008, two Mante sisters who have helped us for years, were both diagnosed with breast cancer.  They are completing treatments.  During this time, they have also established a Breast Cancer Support Group.  It will meet on Monday, 2 February.  They have also arranged for Dr. Moreno, an oncologist from Tampico to come and consult with this group

The autoclave team has a varied background.  Sue works in imaging/mammography at BCH
(She says she doesn’t recognize women with their clothes on.), Sharon has retired from OR nursing.  Leah is  Customer Service Rep who will begin nursing school soon.  Leah was here six years ago for the summer and thinks Mante seems cleaner than before.

Maureen…how do you speak Spanish?  Just take any word and add ‘o’ or ‘a’ at the end.

The Full Mante may add some class.  Abby Stangl might do some photo-shop work

Best news of a person coming:  Rocky will join us this week.  It is her second trip here, and she will be an extra bright member of our team.

It is wicked-good to be back here as your roving Mante-lady.  Keep them stories comin’.

Jean Bedell

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