THE FULL MANTE Vol 11, No 7- All the News To Print That Fits – February 6, 2009

By Jean Bedell
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THOUGHT TO PONDER UPON:  There are two ways to get enough.  One is to continue to accumulate more and more.  The other is to desire less and less.

What are the chances?  Pablo is 13yo with Downs Syndrome.  His brother, Pedro is 5yo with Downs Syndrome.  Both had bilateral strabismus repairs.  Both have cardiac problems.  What a challenge this mother has to care for them.  Is it imagination, or have we seen more Downs children this year?  They are such friendly and affectionate folk.  One girl is 23yo, born when her mother was past 50yo.

Yesterday Dr. David and Dr. Lisa joined forces to operate on Junita, a 37 year old lady with a mass in her abdomen.  After Dr. David persuaded the Hospital General to perform a free CT-scan, the surgical team identified it as benign, yet a risk to her overall health.  During surgery nine pounds of tumor connected to abnormal uterine and cervical tissue was removed.  After 24 hours in PACU Juanita went home.    She had never had a period, but hoped this surgery would allow her to get pregnant.  Can you top this?  Yes, 45 lbs of hernia and associated tissue was removed from another woman this morning.

Today Steve is the hero of eye surgery.  Flora a 6 yo girl came to the hospital with excessive tearing and eye infection after a failed probing. Supplies are becoming limited and the eye surgery team could not find the correct tools. After digging around the supply closet Steve appeared with large bore probes.  Flora is recovering quickly and excited about the attention she will get from her boy friends.

All is going smoothly at Cruz Roja.  Forty five surgeries today. Freda has collected the best Mole recipes from her patients.  86 yo Maria dela Luz wants to adopt all of the nurses as her granddaughters and daughters in her gratitude for their help.

The biomed team has 100% success rate.  They have fixed the Hospital General sterilizers and ventilators, BCH sterilizers, the EKG machines, microscopes, anesthesia machines, the OR tables, and blood pressure cuffs.

Language problems?  A nameless person gave Rich the title of HEIFER for work today.  “Cow?” he exclaimed.  “Oh, you mean JEFE (Chief!)”

Memo to worker-bees:  the elastic OR hats are for the head, only, not for shoe covers!

Yesterday 30 teachers listened to the language/speech presentation by Virginia and Judi.  They were almost carried out on appreciative shoulders, demanding more.  And, today, they presented another class.  One issue was a rather rare condition called Developmental Apraxia.  Children can hear and understand even 2-3-step commands.  But, the brain is not able to communicate with the mouth.  Children have little ability to use even a few words.  Help is long-term using sign boards and other tricks such as repetitive rhythms and music.

Here’s part of why we are here.  Though 10yo Elena has had hearing aids since age 4, she doesn’t wear them after school.  Today, Mom brought in the resource teacher, social worker, and speech therapist to have a case conference with Judi.  Audio checked out her aids.  There will be training in standard conversational signing rather than just family signing…much greater communication options.

La Fiesta esta este noche!  The Party is tonight at the Mediterraneo at 8:00 on Zaragoza Street.  Put on your dancing shoes for a great time.

Also, get your photos ready to post on  Luckily Brittany has set up an account for us all to post our photos.  Login: Mante2009, Password: Mante2009

Hasta Manana, Jean and Abby

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