Project Update

As the 20th anniversary of the first Medical Mission to Mante nears, the Boulder-Mante Sister City project continues to make great strides in developing the relationship between the two cities.  On May 14th, 2009 the Board of Directors met at the Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) to review the progress of ongoing projects, celebrate past successes, and look forward to the future of the Project.

Youth Board Member

Nicki shared her experience of working and living in Mante for seven months.   She mostly worked with Andreas teaching English to local residents and did help out with the Boulder medical mission in Feb.   Nicki distributed some 8×10 black and white photos that she had taken and developed during her time in Mante.   She has since delivered these photos to Rich Lopez who will see if BCH will allow them to be displayed in one of their campuses.

Sesquicentennial Participation

The seven sister cities have been asked to develop an educational center to coincide with the sesquicentennial stroll on July 4.  In practical terms, this means handing out literature and talking about each sister city from 1:30-4:30 on the afternoon of the 4th, while simultaneous events are occurring in the Band Shell and Farmers Market to the east.  Celeste will be the lead person for the Mante Sister City committee.

Mural Lighting

A purchase order has been processed to acquire the lights for the Dairy Center mural.   The support brackets for the lights will be installed by the end of May.

Mante Visit

Lester sent an e-mail describing the brief visit by the deputy mayor and family to Boulder in early May.  This is a step in the ongoing student exchange program between Casey and students from Mante.

Dental visit

Rod reported that the next dental visitation involving 4 dental practitioners will occur in 2010 after the BCH medical campaign.  He is still working on a couple of options with dental schools to set up dental externships to the Mante area.

Youth Appreciation

The Board expresses its thanks and appreciation to Maria Gordelle, Yasmine Jiminez, Yaneli Gordelle and Diego Flores for serving as student representatives to the Boulder Mante Board this year.  Certificates designed by Jesper Frant were delivered to Michelle Carpenter to be presented to each student during class time on May 21.

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