MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Mural Lighting Project Dedication

Mark Your Calendars: On Sept. 16 at 7:15 the Boulder-Mante Sister City committee will be hosting an event to celebrate the installation of permanent lighting of the mural on the north face of the Dairy Center for the Arts building.

Mural Lighting Project Study
Mural Lighting Project Study

Some years ago, the city government of Mante, Mexico, one of Boulder’s Sister Cities, offered to send one of its famous artists to Boulder to paint a mural. The mural, by Florian Lopez, was to be an expression of thanks to the people of Boulder for their many contributions to Mante, through an annual medical campaign and formal Sister City relationship. After consideration of alternative sites, the north face of the Dairy Center for the Arts building was chosen as the location for the mural.

From the outset, this mural was viewed as an art treasure.

Shortly after completion of the mural, the Sister City committee began discussions with City of Boulder staff about illuminating the mural. One of the benefits was to provide additional lighting for the parking area on the north side of the Dairy Center for the Arts for visitors coming to evening programs. Issues such as meeting city codes for light disbursement, anchoring fixtures to the building and cost were discussed.

The Boulder Mante Sister City committee raised $15,000 for purposes of providing lighting for the mural. Glenn Magee, of the City of Boulder, has been the lead in coordinating design and installation of the lighting itself.

The dedication date of Sept. 16 was chosen as it coincides with Mexico’s Independence Day. (From Wikipedia: The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on 16 September 1810.)

Angelique Espinosa, city council member and council liaison to the Boulder Mante Sister City committee will emcee the event. Stilt walkers from Frequent Flyers Productions, an aerial dance company that performs at the Dairy Center for the Arts, will participate at the onset of the dedication. An ensemble of dancers from Casey Middle School’s Ballet Folklorico will also perform after the lights have been turned on.

The Boulder Mante Sister City committee is appreciative of the support of David White and Richard Harris of the Dairy Center for the Arts staff for their support in arranging this dedication event.

Norris Hermsmeyer

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