2010: A great year to visit Mexico

Every year on September 15th Mexicans gather en masse to celebrate the anniversary of their Independence from Spain. Plazas in cities across the country fill with thousands of jubilant citizens. The celebration culminates as the municipal president (mayor) gives the grito of “Viva Mexico”, which commences Independence Day festivities.

2010 is an exceptionally important year because it will mark the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence and centennial of its Revolution. Mexico is preparing to commemorate the occasion with an extraordinary celebration.

In addition to the Independence Day celebration, the Mexican government is preparing many projects designed to commemorate these two anniversaries. According to Explorado Mexico the projects will include: “exhibits of prehispanic, Spanish, modern and contemporary Mexican art at the most important capitals of the world, historic routes, shows, publications, seminars, the opening of 10 new archeological sites, maintenance [of] the country’s most important prehispanic sites and the remodeling of 30 museums that will serve as venues to the Independence’s Bicentennial and the Revolution’s Centennial in the year 2010.

2010 will be a great year to visit Mexico.

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Mexican Independence Day, 2008

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