Mante Mexico, 20th Medical Mission, 10th Sister City Anniversary, Bicentennial

By Rich Lopez
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The energy is starting to swell as we gear up for the Mante Mexico trip. Swell is an understatement because this trip is uniquely unique. Next month will mark the 20th anniversary of the Boulder Mante Medical Mission and the 10th anniversary of the Boulder-Mante Sister Cities relationship. If that isn’t enough, this is also Mexico’s Bicentennial.

This morning the Boulder Community Hospital Board of Directors learned that the City of Boulder has proclaimed February 12 – as Boulder Mante Week. This proclamation will be presented to the dignitaries from Mante and the state of Tamaulipas at the February 13 opening ceremony for the mission. The governor, mayor (presidente) and other dignataries are expected to attend.

A few hours later, the first Commemorative Exposition art show of Boulder area artists will open. The show will be presented in the Ramon Cano Gallery, curated by Florian Lopez. Florian is the muralist who painted the large mural on the north wall of The Dairy Center. J eannie DeMarinis, a local plein air artist, came up with the idea of bringing 50 small paintings to Mante for these milestone events. These paintings will literally be hand-carried in her luggage and that of her husband, Rich Lopez

On a personal note, Florian lived with us when he painted the The Dairy Center mural in 2001. On September 11 we watched in horror as the planes flew into the Twin Towers. We’ve maintained our friendship over the years and look forward to seeing him and his family.

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