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BIEN VENIDO…WELCOME… to Cd. Mante, and to the 12th year of the FULL MANTE. What is new and different this year? There are fewer of us, totaling about 90 folks. This is due mainly because the EYE TEAM has not come. That means no cataracts, no pterygiums, strabismus repairs and no lenses distributed. We have a urologist with us but not an abundant supply of GU equipment. The supplies ALL arrived on time. The welcoming reception and inaguration of our 20th medical campaign will be on Monday, instead of Saturday. This is to accommodate the busy schedule of the wife of the governor of Tamaulipas. There are some intergenerational participants with Arjun Gill, Joey Macsalka and Andrew Bedell.

What is not new…the weather is fantastic for those of us who have come from the ice-box of Colorado. GYN and General Surgery have filled their schedules for the week. And, miracles start to happen before the campaign even gets started.

Friday a woman from Mexico DF came asking for Becky or Eric. She spotted a great pediatric wheelchair rolling along. The mother commented it came from Becky at the Mante Medical Campaign, she came here. There was a perfect fitting chair for her 5yo who had no leg or back muscle tone. Today, it was not a ‘house call’, but a ‘truck call’ for a Pedro, a 67yo quadriplegic. Two years ago he had a stroke. For every doctor visit or other appointment, his wife pays $30/ambulance transport. There was just one adult wheelchair remaining. Maria was joyful that now they could go to the Plaza and have lunch out together.

DIF is so good to us. Again, the dentists are here. Seeing about 80 patients today, they will see over 500 in the week. Usually, they treat about 10 persons/day. And, lunch was prepared and served to all of us. This year, there is even a hand-sanitizer-distributer waiting by the lunchroom door.

Animal Farm news: Last year Yolanda rescued a parakeet from a sure demise taking home a ‘found’ bird. Now with a companion bird (named appropriately Blue Bird and Green Bird), she brought their cage back to clinic for a reunion. And, remember Valerie the dog-rescurer? She claims that Felipe (named for??) is the happiest dog in Colorado.

Audiology is swamped…or ‘up to their ears’ in patients. Bryan, Kari and Marianne used the word ‘hectic’. Among other challenges are many 3-4yo with profound hearing losses who have never before been diagnosed. At home, all newborns are screened and such problems would be picked up and treatment begun in infancy. It is unlikely the Mante kids will fully develop speech skills.

Remember the lovely young girl with no external ear? Here for her fourth reconstructive surgery, Sarg will elevate the ‘ear’ created for cosmetics. He is hopeful that a canal can also be created for her to have some hearing in that ear. And, picture a small curved zucchini. That is a large tumor which will be removed from behind the ear of a young man.

Let me know what should be in the Full Mante. Rod has promised me a story-a-day from the hospital.
It is so good to be back in Mante…as your reporter…………………..Jean Bedell

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