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VALENTINE’S DAY…Are all you readers pleased with the flowers and/or candy you have provided for your spouses, SOs, want-to-be SOs or just good friends? Many folks are wearing red jewelry or shirts. And the DIF women provided us with red heart-shaped suckers for the day. It is now just 2:30. Remember the old Peter, Paul and Mary song, “WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE?” But to paraphrase, WHERE HAVE ALL THE PATIENTS GONE? Peds commented that it is like a final Friday afternoon. But there are still good things happening.

Audiology provides ‘head-to-toe’ care…well, sort of. The vogue treatment for fungal infection of the ear is Tinactin. Yes, it is an antifungal for Athlete’s Foot. That plus vinegar washes should help. By the way, audio is now fully staffed. (Don’t ask, and we won’t tell.)

When you go to a venue that has a menu, usually it describes what is good to eat. The LAB MENU includes Fecal Occult, Urinalysis, and Ear Lavage among other delicacies. Not for my taste, gracias.

Fernando, 19yo, arrived with a nose at right angles to a normal shape. Surgery, somewhat bloody, with a graft from the hip has provided a great straight nose. Both function and cosmetics are important for teens and young adults.

Have mission, will travel…to help someone in a truck, or at home. Becky and Karen wee called to a home where a man lay in bed. His daughter had delivered a baby 11 days ago and had not returned to provide food or liquids for her dad. So weak, he could hardly stand up. With complicated family issues, no one was there to provide care. His comment, with sadness, was “I just want to die.”

Sometimes our role is as agents of reality. The truth is not always what is desired. Felix, 3yo, was brought here for a cochlear implant. His parents were assured he was a good candidate and we could provide it here free…or take him to US for free care. Neither was possible. Surgery in US would be $40,000+ and require a long follow-up treatment program. Or, would medicine cure my child of autism. Or would surgery stabilize my child’s flaccid legs and allow him to walk like a normal boy?

Here is a MUST-DO in Mante. Jeanne M, coordinator of the teacher exchange for Boulder/Mante Sister Cities has brought a 50-piece art show. It is hanging in the Ramon Cano Gallery behind the Municipal Building. A hope is to stimulate a cultural and art exchange between our cities.

It is not Robotic Surgery, but it is Laproscopic Surgery. It is fascinating to stand at the OR door and watch the screen with removal of a gall bladder through small incisions. And, check out the scrub caps Sue brought for folks. Those of you who watch Survivor will see a similar style.

“He wasn’t really sick, he was just a beautiful man.” Aged 90, he had not eaten this morning. Margie and Val brought him coffee and donuts. Laurel gave him some vitamins. “Our goal is to get him to live to age 91.” He’ll be back tomorrow for a hearing eval. Today audio saw kids only.

That’s it for today…abrazos y besos for all those in love, or almost in love…Jean B

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