By Rich Lopez
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La CometaFebruary 11, 2010: Travel is demanding. It looks like the “art show” will fit in our bags. The kites are another matter. Now to add some background music, Peter Kater (former Boulderite) and Cirque de Soleil (international), should do the trick.Pajaro del Cielo

Traveling through security with a long bag of kites proved to be daunting, but not impossible. At first the TSA officials couldn’t decide if the bag of kites could be carried onto the plane. Finally, they said give it a try. It worked.

Houston: a couple of hours later we sat down with a couple of team members from Fort Collins. Cozane is a surgical nurse coming to Mante for the second time. I asked her why she pays for her ticket to come to Mante and work really hard for a week. “ It’s the people who amaze me. They wait quietly for hours to see a surgeon, then go through a surgical procedure and sometimes walk out of the hospital a few hours later and go home. They never complain.” David is a pharmacist who works for a commercial drug store. His response was similar. “I know these people are nervous and I speak Spanish to them and try to calm their fears. ”

Everyone is excited anticipating the start of the medical mission. The Advance Team has unpacked boxes and boxes of supplies. Friday, they will finish setting up the Clinic and Operating Rooms. Jeannie and I will set up an Art Show and hang a couple of kites. We’re excited too.

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