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We’re talkin’ at LEAST chilly if not COLD. It’s 53 degrees Fahrenheit with showers in the afternoon.
Here’s what’s amazing about Mante flexibility. The opening ceremonies scheduled here for outdoors at the School of Nursing were moved across the street to a covered area of the Technological School. Chairs were set up; the instantaneous Spanish/English audio translation system was in place.

Weather cold or hot, we are always warmly welcomed by dignitaries. Speakers included Silvia de la Garza, (President of DIF, and wife of the Mayor/President), Dr. Hector Lopez (Mayor of Mante), representative of the state government, Mike Moran and Rich Lopez. The most memorable words were spoken by Dr. David Rodriquez. “Una gota de agua, cuando cae al mar, ya no is gota…es mar.”
(When a drop of water falls into the sea, it is no longer a drop of water, but becomes part of the sea.)
He continued that this campaign is like drops of water that have become part of the sea. Some of those who were blind, now can see. Some who were deaf now can hear. Some who were in pain have now found relief. We have now become part of the ‘health sea.’

Mike described our team of 90 volunteers coming from Idaho, Iowa, Texas and Washington as well as Colorado. The organizational work for this campaign begins the day after our return to Boulder. He thanked the Dr Hector Lopez, Lic Silva de la Garza, DIF, Dr Perez, hospital staff and students, Rotary Clubs, host families and translators for making this campaign possible.

What would you do if you passed a room and saw a nurse giving chest compressions to a grey baby?
Rod raced to have Allegra and Rich assist, bringing a small 3.5 intubation tube. Carrying this 4mo failure-to-thrive baby to the NICU, the ventilator was not working. Larry repaired the ventilator. Even so, this baby expired. It was an example of the best of team cooperation, but a sad outcome.

Who comes at 8:00am? Student nurses interested in learning about topics we present. ADHD with Randy; Triage with Laurie; and Muscular Distrophy with Barbara. (Ask Barbara-the-actress to demo how a child with MD gets to a standing position.) Friday’s topic is obesity with our dietitian.

For four years, Rosa 40yo has been nurturing a sebaceous cyst on her ‘back side’. It took Leslie almost no time to start this thing draining…but almost 20 minutes for it to empty out the cyst. And as a follow-up new activity, Leslie made a house call to teach a caregiver-auntie how to change a Foley catheter on Maria, a 50yo with Down syndrome. The Aunt said, “Finally I can do it myself.”

Roberto, 10mo had a large hemangioma removed from his left cheek. Did I hear that Arjun assisted? Also in ENT was a fourth surgery to reconstruct an external ear on a young girl. Hopefully she will regain some hearing. As with the ‘nose-guy’ yesterday, cosmetics plus function are so important.

Note to Rotarians: Mante Rotary meets tonight, Monday. Canoas Rotary meets Wednesday evening. Please check with me (Jean) for time and place. We are all welcomed.
Note to all: The art show at the gallery is fantastic…50 Boulder pieces, and many Mante items.
Note to all: Our fiesta venue is the Hoby Gran Salon (arranged by DIF).accommodating 300 folks.
Till tomorrow…hopefully a much warmer day…thanks for your snippets…..Jean B

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