By Jean Bedell
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A mini-real estate market is booming here. Remember Blue Bird and Green Bird? Suddenly in the Internal Medicine department, there is a new, multi-storied pink cage for the birds. They are lovin’ it.

Recycling is such a big thing in Boulder: aluminium, glass, plastic, paper. But, here we even re-cycle wheelchairs. Umberto, 57yo, and double amputee, had a chair with onl one arm. It was hard for him to push himself. He was given a chair with two arms. Along comes Claudia, needing a chair for her husband. She would do all the pushing…she didn’t need a chair with two arms. Voila! Recycle!

Several folks have come needing prostheses. Arturo, 66yo, and a diabetic, had an AK amputation 26 years ago. He supports his family as an auto mechanic. Prostheses are available in Tampico, but not here at this time. In 1-2 months, DIF will have them available here in Mante.

Personnel Question: Who is the ‘cop-on-the-beat’ who has joined us this year? No uniform, billy club, brass badges…but looking great in scrubs and is so helpful.

Fear of the unknown can be terrifying. Manuel, 59yo had a huge cyst behind one ear. He was scheduled for surgery. He became so frightened that he locked himself in a bathroom. It took coaxing and reassurances to bring him out and back to the waiting area. After surgery, under a local, he was joyful and full of thanks that the procedure had been done.

No names, please. But, there was a group of six who went to the Hotel Monterrey for drinks and guacamole. One person left contributing seven pesos for beverage and munchies. What a bargain!

During lunch hour, most of us are munching on fantastic foods including cactus salad, guacamole, chips, rice and beef. Others Googled foods that reduce or increase inflammation. The simple summary is: plant products are great; animal products are less good. That includes caffeine and alcohol. Wait a minute: caffeine is from coffee bean plants, alcohol is from plant grains.

For the first time, the lab is able to test for H. Pylori. Several folks have tested positive for this bacteria-caused problem. It may predispose to ulcers and cancer. It is treatable with antibiotics and acid-reducers.

It took all Michelle’s strength to hold down a screaming, kicking 6yo Andres to lavage his ear. Finally the wax was loosened enough to send him up to audiology. He hopped up, started to run out, and came back to give her a big kiss.

The newest complaint is “I can’t sleep because someone is performing witchcraft on me.” It is a brujeria. It is not unheard of in this area…but was new to our team. How would you treat it?
Another treatment: Yerbabuena (Mint) leaves dipped in water and placed on the temples relieves headaches. And chamomile tea cures sleeplessness, as well as GI distress. These may or may not be covered by Medicare. FOLKS around: Student hair stylists from DIF provide free haircuts.
Mormon Mission men are available for translating. Look for shirts, ties, and black sweaters.
Until tomorrow….hasta luego….Jean

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