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Here’s the mini-miracle for today. On Monday, Esther 52yo arrived as a left bk amputee because of diabetes. She only needed a small-sized right shoe. Would you believe that today, Clarissa came to PT. She is a right ak amputee. She only needed a small-sized left shoe. It was a perfect combo.

Tuberculosis? It is usually found in the lungs, or bones. But, it can occur anywhere. Jovani, 43yo, saw Valorie with TB of the skin on his left leg. We have no available treatments, but he was referred to Dr David for ongoing treatment. This will be long-term care…perhaps a year.

It is always a pleasue to receive thanks. Karen got a sweet note “Gracias por sus atenciones por haberme para es oportunidad de pasar con me hijo.” (Thanks for taking good care of my son)

A real, and sad, challenge came to Randy. 37yo Julio has multiple squamous cell (probably) tumors on his head. They have invaded his skull. He is a young man, with a poor future. Surgery does not seem an option. Medication to minimize the pain is the option at this time.

For 75 years, the Hector Perez Martinez School is a public school teaching 300 kids in grades 1-6. Through the Mante Rotary Club, Dr Juan Manuel Ramirez has helped provide equipment needed for the elementary schools. Bill and I received a plaque for Flatirons Rotary Club of Boulder for their help. Today Rotary donated items for early childhood stimulation. These included colorful collapsible ‘tunnels’ to crawl through and semi-circular wooden forms to improve balance. Also, they have provided 400-500 pairs of glasses. Each child goes to the optician to choose the most chic frames. The lenses of proper strength were put in, and glasses were distributed to the proper children. Around the school walls are the most fantastic murals. They depict the difference of poverty and oppression without education, and the professional, cultural, hygienic lifestyles for educated persons.

For you animal lovers, Techie is the mascot for one of the tech institutes. Val found this donkey chained. She brought carrots, and some other folks modeled her feedings. The promise is that a new school will be built with room for Techie to prance around unchained.

All teenaged girls want to look pretty. 18yo Karla was in a car crash months ago. There were fatalities. Clarissa survived, but has wicked-looking leg scars. She needs plastic surgery. Hopefully next year will be able to provide help for her.

Peds thinks everyone is a ‘kid’ regardless of age. Margarita of unknown age (70? 75?) brought her grandchild to be seen, and ended up getting a nebulizer treatment herself. And then, a grandmother brought her granddaughter. The child was OK, but grandmother had a gran-mal seizure.

An interesting 13yo Mario came again…each year since he was 4yo. He has a ‘static-like’ speech almost like an aphasic. He uses nouns and verbs, but with few adjectives or connecting words.

Was it a ‘white witch’ or what? Leslie received a prediction for an event 3 months from now. Hmm.

For you text-ers…TQM…see you tomorrow. Keep the news coming…Jean B

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