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By Rich Lopez
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A young artist, Luz Alegria Ostos came to the gallery last night. Florian has been mentoring her and encouraging her to use more colors. The writing on the first painting states “If a fish and a bird fall in love, where would they live?” The painting is entitled “I will make you wings.”

Luz Alegria Ostos
Luz Alegria Ostos

Luz paints from her imagination. She’s looking for feedback because she’s unsure of her talents. What do you think?

Luz 3

Luz 2


Yesterday Chelito drove us to Xicotencatl (“he co ten’ cutl”) to see Florian’s newest mural. He spent six months painting this mural. But first he read. He read the history of the area, from prehistoric to contemporary time. And then he completed basic sketches and began painting.

Wooley Mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and other prehistoric creatures once grazed in this area. One panel depicts the past history with the agriculture, transportation improvements that helped the area grow economically. Food gatherers evolved to farmers, trains soon serve Xicotencatl. Another panel shows the modernization that has transformed Xicotencatl. Ox carts are replaced by mechanized harvesting machines, sugar and corn fields and the sugar mill.

X wooley

X right 2

X Saber T

X center

A interesting feature of the mural is the way Florian uses the corner of the panels to create an optical illusion that gives the hotel a three dimensional “corner.”X 3


Lucio Tenorio’s mural is found in the computer lab of a Mante elementary school. Like many murals, it depicts the subject matter over time. Here, the arts and sciences. His inspiring images and colors somehow ground the students in Mante’s history as the connect to the world wide web. The signature characteristic in Lucio’s mural is the depiction of the people as Aztecs. The Aztecs’ “head binding” was cultural expression of a select group. Makes tattoos seem mild.

Tenorio 1

Tenorio 2

Tenorio 3

Tenorio 0


Lucio Renteria’s miniature sculptures have been popular. Half have been sold, so I’ve include some additional photos below.

Miniature 1Miniautre 2

Miniature yellow truck

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