THE FULL MANTE Vol 11, No 5 – All the News To Print That Fits – February 4, 2009

By Jean Bedell
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It was a life-saving event. A first time event never seen before, Samanatha went from the lab at the clinic to a locked storeroom looking for a table. She heard a rustling noise coming from a black trash bag. Upon examination, she found a little blue-green parakeet. Mouth to beak resuscitation was not needed. A cardboard home was designed with architectural perfection. Water and seed arrived. Now we just need a good foster home or adoptive family for Bruise Cotorra.

Pregnancy tests can bring either joyful or sad news. One woman who wanted to become pregnant had a negative test. A 15 yo girl tested positive and is fearful of the stigma and ridicule attached to her.

The nurses, doctors, and assistants at the Hospital General get the award for longest hours. Surgery prep begins at 7:00 am and yesterday the last team member left after 9:00pm. DIF continues to provide wonderful lunches—today mole pollo—at all three locations.

Along with three other patients, Karin, a tall 12 yo girl, spent last night, in the PACU. Her third visit to Mante Mission, she had cosmetic reconstructive ear surgery. More involved than before, this included harvesting cartilage from her rib area to fashion an external ear. Although this will not provide hearing, the social impact for an adolescent is significant.

Cameras were clicking for a neck fistula on 17 mo Martin. This three-inch fistula went from inside his throat to the outside of his neck. It was a rare situation. Well nutritioned, food has been getting down to his stomach.

The magnifico team of Mike, Larry and Bill worked on two non-working autoclaves. Swapping parts from one for the other, they created one functioning machine. And, they also repaired a ventilator in ICU that was not working. Why does a 5 yo boy walk into the exam room with one hand on each buttock? He was sure Maureen was going to give him shots…and this was his protection. And who created the rumor that if a patient has a broken finger, it will be cut off for treatment? Randy ended that myth!

The newest fad for nurses at Cruz Roja is fake eyelashes. Freda led the way, and one of your reporters may have this done, too. If you have nothing to do at 11:00 each morning, Dr. Neiel teaches Yiddish 101. He multi-tasks along with cataract removals. This year the eye team has already served 122 patients including several cases of trauma induced cataracts in young people.

Here’s an occupational hazard. Four years ago, 75yo Benito was hit in the head by a toilet. He was lifting a toilet at work. It slipped and hit him in the head. Memo to self: don’t lift toilets.

Who is Dr. K? He is establishing a reputation here. Even Silvia, the head of DIF may be inspired to educate women in Mante with this important preventive information. “This was a very hard day…all the ladies are waiting so long (sigh)… so many people to see Dr. Dave”

More angels to thank…Each Sunday a group of 3-4 from a local church prepares a hot meal for needy, hungry, folks. Usually about 40 folks are served. This Sunday 80+ people enjoyed fish and rice.

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