Medical Campaign

Shortly after the medical team had been in Mante in 2010, reports became available of drug related gang activity in the Mante area. Boulder Community Hospital began monitoring the situation in Mante in later that spring. In the summer of 2010, David Gehant, Boulder Community Hospital CEO cancelled the 2011 mission. He called Dr. David Rodriguez and explained the need to cancel the mission because there was no way to guarantee the safety of the 100 medical personnel that comprise our team. Subsequently, the medical mission for 2012 was also cancelled.

Over the years, as each medical campaign occurred, new equipment was brought to Mante for use during the campaign and then stored for the subsequent year. Because items in storage were vulnerable to pilferage, David Gehant informed Dr. David Rodriguez that he should begin the process of distributing the equipment to clinics in the area, wherever the need was greatest.

Elfa Rodriguez, sister of the founder of the medical campaign, Dr. David Rodriguez, reports for the citizens of Mante, that the decision to cancel the medical missions has left a huge “gap” in the community and region around Mante. In many cases, it is the only option for medical service that the poor and underserved have. Elfa continues, “that Dr. Rodriguez has reached out to the medical community in Monterrey asking them to visit the city of Mante to pick up some of the slack caused by the void in medical services to the needy in Mante.”

During the period from 2010 to 2014, the people of Mante drastically changed their lifestyle because of the gang related activity in the area. Most businesses closed down when it became dark and folks hunkered down in their homes until the following morning. Conditions have slowly changed in the past three years and conditions have returned to a normal state.

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